Night It Up! 2011

17 Jul
Night It Up
Photo Cred: Tony Chen
Night it up! is an annual Markham affair boasting tons of awesome asian street food, performances, merchandise booths and can I just mention again rows and rows of food vendors?

We arrived around 7pm and had to park across the street from the event because every asian in york region have apparently already mass-migrated to the venue, shepherded by the perfume of stinky tofu in the air. The said venue, being the pretty sizeable Markham Civic Centre parking lot, was already JAM PACKED with people, and the event had been running since 12pm, with peak dinner hour yet to arrive (people here generally eat fucking late, like 9-10pm late).

A short walk across Warden ave. later, we arrived at the event grounds and was (or at least I was) immediately caused to salivate at the sight of rows and rows of food stalls, like literally 100+ different places to try, with items costing from $3-$6 to try. Lamb skewers. Fried tofu. and..and Malay murtabak! Where to start??!?!Seriously, see event map and food list:

Mini Watermelon Drink–adorable melons hollowed out and then filled with its own contents now in juice form (a little twisted no?) Also with ice and solid chucks of melon, refreshing to my satisfaction. 

Coconut Drink: simple and delicious, just stick a straw in the coconut and drink the juice. I only wish they cut off more of the top so I could get at the coconut flesh inside–many vietnamese restaurants will serve it this way. 


Takoyaki being made 
Delicious ball-shaped pancake filled with squid. Making it looks like a lot of fun too! Since the line was so damn long, I am now an expert.
TA DA! Topped with dollops of mayonnaise and bonito fish flakes. 

Hollowed out pineapple drink with fresh juice and jelly pieces. 
Oyster omelettes being made. *wipes away drool* 
SUGAR CANE juice !!!
Egg Waffles being made
A sandwhich shop with super cute employees, they all seem to coordinate in…looking good? Putting my sweaty and food smeared self to shame 
Even their posters were cute

Even this dude who worked there looked like a pretty girl! Okay, digression over. 



Capped off the “meal” with a very good chocolate mousse dessert cup 🙂
Please hurry up, Night it up 2012!!! 

2 Responses to “Night It Up! 2011”

  1. Cwong July 19, 2011 at 3:16 am #

    love the blog, cuicui!

  2. Meg C July 19, 2011 at 6:57 am #

    thanks cwong!

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