Game of Throne serves up delicious fantasy fare

10 Aug

Now that I have become a big, nerdy fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones since seeing the first episode a couple of months back, I have no choice but to produce something quasi-useful with this very time consuming obsession.

Despite upturning my nose at all things medieval and fantastical for most of my life, I now proudly raise my banners for George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire (SOIAF) series, the books from which Game of Thrones is developed. I was working my way through the middle of the second book, Clash of Kings, when I realized that despite the incredible amount of unsavouriness in the books (incest, beheadings, chopping off of manhoods etc etc), reading SOIAF never fails to work up my appetite. To be sure, creamed herring is hardly considered a delicacy in my neck of the woods, but I often find myself drooling over paragraphs describing the many banquets and meals enjoyed by the Westerosi.

Though Martin has an obvious talent for chronicling the details of all sorts of things like clothing, scenery, and people, food has always been particularly lush in description and often quite rife with symbolism and foreshadowing. Aside from the stylistic appeal, there are other reasons why I think food plays an important role in his books.

For one, Martin does a great job of using the occasional meal to punctuate his plot progression. Since the books are often laden with bloodshed, plotting, and general unrest, both the weary characters and a reader benefit from a brief escape into the arms of food and its reminder of homely comforts. Whether you’re Dothraki, Lannister, Stark, or a Wildling beyond the wall, we all must eat--so it is this universal joy and necessity that Martin recognizes and wields in order to unite all those in the Seven Kingdoms and lands beyond the Narrow Sea.

I think i’m sufficiently inspired to possibly create some recipes for a meal with dishes mentioned in the books. So very excited, should be up in a couple of days I hope.

Eating: a paltry meal of Tim Horton’s sandwich and soup combo
Craving: Thai food and awesome malay curries


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