An Open Letter to Portugal

10 Mar

Hello Portugal,

When I heard about your seafood and your cobbled streets, I knew we were meant to be.

Lisbon greeted me with stunning architecture and the perfect blend of history and modernity. Porto gave me some of the best picture-postcard views. I stared in awe at your azulejos. I became enchanted by your palaces. I enjoyed your company. You introduced me to your dreamy pastels de nata, port wine, hearty meals of salted codfish, and provided me with charmingly hospitable locals. The more I got to know you, the more I fell in love with you.

Your winding streets, your colourful houses, your way of life. You even make any given alleyway beautiful. Yes, I admit your hills are steep and some streets are narrow but you always rewarded me for my efforts. From street art to river views, there was always something at the end.

I’m sorry I drank too much and ran down your streets chasing a dog I thought was strayed.  I’m sorry I didn’t like the cold of your Februarys.  But I am mostly sorry for only spending 10 nights with you. 

Thank you for becoming my favourite place. I’d say you could have my heart but it would probably be taken literally.

Até breve x

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