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Bombay Bhel Thornhill

8 Apr

Bombay Bhel

230 Commerce Valley Drive East
One of the first things I typically do when I make a trip back to Markham, aside from sleeping for 12 hours continuously, is make a beeline for Bombay Bhel in Thornhill. It’s hard to find amazing butter chicken or lamb korma in Kingston because every single place offers an overly sweet cashew-based variant whereas I’m a tomato-base girl all the way. Here you realize I’m a crazy.
Bombay Bhel is really an affordable version of Thornhill’s better-known The Host, which is just across the street. I prefer the former not just for its price but their butter chicken’s always richer, and gives you more chicken for your buck. As far as the York Region area goes, I’m quite confident Bombay Bhel is probably the best you can find.

Vindaloo (top), Lamb Korma (bottom left), Butter Chicken

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