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Baby It’s Cold Outside :: Spin Dessert (Kingston)

30 Jan

I’ve never been warm to the idea of dessert as an entire meal in of itself; yet when Spin Dessert opened their new Kingston location, I knew our meeting would be imminent. Already a veteran of the dessert-café game, Spin Dessert found a new home on 260 Princess St. for the same delicious fare and urban chic aesthetics of its original Toronto venue. A little different from its neighbors traditional design scheme, Spin’s most attractive feature is its open concept design. The first level is split up by demi-stairs into levels. The elevates section in the back is a smattering of Parisian café tables that is a nice alternative to the plushier, banquette seating arrangement at the very front of the store. Take another look and you’ll notice there’s an entire basement level that is visible from above through a transparent balcony. Exposed piping of course, is just icing on the cake to cap off this atmosphere of cozy sophistication.

We set our minds to attempting the biggest, baddest thing on the menu, thought our larger than life appetites could handle it. It also doesn’t hurt, certainly, that the workings of the bakery and espresso bar are on full exhibition and the selection of in-house cakes behind their shiny glass displays speak for themselves.  We ordered “Baby It’s Cold Outside” which is one of many tempting options amongst the January Red Velvet promotion. It’s a red velvet party of red velvet cake smothered in red velvet ice cream, white chocolate shavings and whipped cream. I was worried the cake would drown in the ruby sea of liquid velvet but it positively held its own—super moist and unbelievably rich cream cheese flavor.
Next up is the very interesting “On the Floor”; pistachio ice cream on waffles might be intimidating to some but it was something I swore I needed to try. Being a bit harder to find and unconventionally savory, I commend Spin Dessert for venturing outside of the box. Pistachio ice cream is great for having a salty bite that can pull ice cream’s sweetness in new and interesting directions, but unfortunately Spin Dessert’s rendition fell a little short and offered an ice cream that didn’t taste too different from your traditional, vanilla based ice cream, albeit a little nuttier—but definitely still incredibly creamy like all their ice creams and generous with chunks of real pistachio nuts. To wash it all down, I ordered a great chai latte but ended up clutching to my iced water for the most part to cope with so much ice cream.

Overall, there are mixed emotions about Spin Dessert; the ingredients are amazing so all the waffles, ice creams, crepes taste flawless, yet there’s something to be desired in terms of originality and diversity of flavors to keep me coming back.  I don’t mean different flavors of ice cream because Spin has got that covered, but outside of that flavor range, it would be more exciting to see less traditional desserts to match its modern aesthetic. Keep in mind that I am speaking purely from the dessert perspective since Spin does also offer a savory crepe selection and all day breakfast menu that is waiting for you to try. The portions also seem a bit excessive and I spotted quite a few people sharing an order between each other.  I recommend coming to Spin Dessert with lots of company, a big appetite, and a fair sweet tooth. For a moderate dessert lover like myself, it has been a great day for new experiences but will definitely be purging my system before my second visit.
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